CV2R Gameplay Resources

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Freeland's CV2R Tutorial Everything you need to know to get started.
Shikaroxen's (AKA Xenkaroshi)
CV2 any% Tutorial
Xenkarohi's CV2 any% tutorial series is how I learned to speedrun vanilla CV2. It details the routing and strats used to progress through the game as fast as possible. While some improvements have been made to the run over time, this IMHO is still the best place to start for the aspiring CV2 and CV2R player.
CV2 Speedruns Learn from the top CV2 speedrunners by watching their best runs at See every known strat in action and level up your CV2 and CV2R skills.
NES Emulators You all have NES hardware and an original Castlevania II: Simon's Quest cart, right? Of course you do! But just in case you want to play on an emulator, or use emulators tools to do some hacking, we have a couple we prefer, but you're welcome to use any others.
Flash Carts If you're playing NES on hardware, you're gonna need a flash cart that can load the CV2R ROM. Here's a couple that our runners have been using.