Must upload a valid ROM
This should be "Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (USA).nes" ROM file
Must provide 8+ character seed consisting of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and/or numbers
Use this seed, generate a new one, or create your own alphanumeric seed. Some of my personal favorites have been "MyCatLovesWhiskey" and "SathdreshMadeMeDoIt".
Choose a sprite to use for Simon. (Hold CTRL to select multiple, a random one will be chosen from your selected)
Choose from a selection of color palettes for the game.

A heart drops on every single enemy kill

Silver Knife, Diamond, and Sacred Flame do double your whip instead of half.

Disable the vanilla CV2 bug where the last frame of a subweapon does 185 damage, most often used to quick kill Death and Dracula.

Doubles the value of every heart dropped

Once Dracula's summoning blaze lights, Simon is given a thorn whip and has his level set to level 2.

Makes cemetary jumps easier

A harder fight for Camilla

Increases deaths HP and scythe's HP

The ULTIMATE pain, Invisible enemies - including bosses!

Only spawn fishmen on Dead River, like vanilla CV2
Requires: enemizer

Everything is Free
Conflicts: price-rando

Enemies don't stun

Enemies kill Simon in one hit!

Killing enemies will warp you back to jova.
Requires: no-price

The only thing visible in the game is Simon, enemies, stairs, and a few visual cues

Keep half your hearts after game over

When Simon has Dracula's ring equipped, he takes no damage from marshes
A stepping stone to help players transition into the randomizer. Enemies aren't randomized Relaxed setting great for casual play Standard setting great for regular play Tournament setting for competetive play Diamond warp for more randomness Kaelari style. Random but fun Thou shall not kill Freeland Style, Maximum Randomness! For those who really know the game and want a challenge. Sathdresh Style, Horror setting for the most insane. Bring forth your inner masochist
Standard Logic requires no glitches or tricks to progress. Progression is driven entirely from the order of items you acquire. See the Checks section for a full list of all requirements for every item location. Glitch Logic requires all the CV2 knowledge you can muster. The Camilla Cemetery 3 block jump and blob boost are in logic, so no more waiting for red crystal before diving into Laruba, Bodley, and Doina. Stock up on those laurels! See the Checks section for a full list of all requirements for every item location. IMPORTANT: This logic can be used with any settings, but may require glitches if not used with Diamond Warp patch.

Diamond Warp Logic is the same as standard logic, with one exception. If you acquire the magic cross and diamond, Doina is considered in logic, and Bodley is as well if you have the other items necessary to traverse it. See the Checks section for a full list of all requirements for every item location.

All the dialog is now a little more fun in CV2R

Replaces "duck" merchant with an actual duck
Requires: enemizer

No Music

"Blob boost" glitch goes to random town or mansion

All town and mansion doors are randomized

Adds Dracula's Fangs as a collectable item. Instantly gives you 5 lives. After every continue you will also start with 5 lives.

Randomize Enemies

Randomize enemy HP by +/-50%

Map is randomized
Conflicts: Town-rando

Randomize merchant prices by +/-25%
Conflicts: no-price

Tornado goes to random place. If used with map rando may require glitches to complete.

Towns and mansions in random places
Conflicts: Map-rando

If you own the magic cross and equip the diamond, pressing SELECT->up+A+B will send you to Bordia Mountains instead of Jova.

hide flags from main screen
ALL Enemies in the seed will be the chosen enemy
Requires: Enemizer

Pausing then pressing Down + A +B will give all items. Be careful picking up a whip or crystal after doing this will break the game.


Super ultra experimental Feature. Don't use if you don't know what you are doing.